# Javascript Library

# Introduction

Slateboxjs is an MIT-licensed standalone javascript library that can be used to create diagrams, mind-maps, and more on an infinite campus. It's the same underlying library used in the self-hostable Slatebox App and the cloud offering at Slatebox.com.

# Quick Slate

Here is a simple codepen example of a slate with 2 connected nodes.

# Installation

The easiest is just as an npm module.

npm i slateboxjs

# Development

Do you want to contribute to the slateboxjs core to do bug fixes or feature enhancements? Excellent. Please reach out on the community forums with questions.

Follow these steps to get slateboxjs running locally:

git clone [email protected]:Slatebox/slateboxjs.git

cd slateboxjs

npm install

npm run start

This will open up http://localhost:1234 with a node and a slate attached.