# Slates

# /v1/slates endpoint

The /v1/slates/create endpoint lets you programmatically produce an editable slate, accessible via your TEAM portal at slatebox.

To make the invocation, you need to POST the below JSON to /v1/slates/create:

  "imageId": "image_1", // optional id for your image
  "type": "scratch",  # scratch|url|template
  "prompt": "Long form prompt (or short form) of what you want the slate about", // for URL type, this should be the URL
  "templateId": "" // necessary for a "template" type -- [the template ids are here](https://slatebox.com/templates)
  "async": true, // true if you want an id returned quickly that you can correlate with the webhooks; false if you want the POST to wait for the slate to be created
  "userId": "xxx", // userid pulled from your organization
  "tone": "witty", // what tone?  Whatever phrase you like
  "levelOfDetail": "5", // 1 = least detail, 10 = lots of detail
  "wordsPerNode": "25", // how many words per node?
  "themeId": "ocean", // one of Slatebox themes
  "webhooks": {
      "onComplete": "", // be notified via POST of the jobs's completion
      "onError": "", // be notified via POST of any failures.

Currently, there are three types of visualizations you can make:

  1. Scratch - this is a mindmap diagram "from scratch" about whatever prompt you provide.
  2. Template - based on the templates at Slatebox, you can provide a prompt that describes the issue for which you're using the template, and a templateId like pro-con or swot-analysis that you'd like to generate.
  3. URL - this produces a mindmap diagram based on the text of the URL provided in the prompt.

Below are code samples of how to make this call, but note you must produce the authentication header to send along with the request.

const body = {
  imageId: "image_1",
  type: "scratch", //url|template
    'long or short prompt',
  tone: "witty",
  levelOfDetail: "5",
  wordsPerNode: "25",
  themeId: "ocean",
  userId: "xyz",
  webhooks: {
    onComplete: "https://webhook.site/27078c5e-722f-4ce5-990d-9fc46911177a",
    onError: "https://webhook.site/27078c5e-722f-4ce5-990d-9fc46911177a",

const resp = await fetch(`${baseUrl}/v1/slate/create`, {
  method: "POST",
  headers: {
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    Authorization: base64Encode(`${publicKey}:${token}`),
    Timestamp: timestamp,
  body: JSON.stringify(body),

console.log("resp is ", await resp.json());
headers = {
    "authorization": base64.b64encode(auth.encode()).decode(),
    "accept": "application/json",
    "timestamp": timestamp,
    "content-type": "application/json",

body = {
    "imageId": "image_1",
    "type": "scratch",  # scratch|url|template
    "prompt": "The long tail of history in wwII memory",  # https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project
    "async": False,
    "userId": "xxx",
    "tone": "witty",
    "levelOfDetail": "5",
    "wordsPerNode": "25",
    "themeId": "ocean",
    "userId": "xyz",
    "webhooks": {
        "onComplete": "https://webhook.site/58dc9462-2e64-488b-a539-c40b5df2d8bc",
        "onError": "https://webhook.site/58dc9462-2e64-488b-a539-c40b5df2d8bc",

url = f"{baseUrl}/v1/slate/create"
resp = requests.post(url, headers=headers, json=body)

res = resp.json()

# Response

The calls will return the below JSON:

  "id": "image_1",
  "final": true,
  "error": false,
  "pngUrl": "https://files.slatebox.com/82c99f53_XXX.png", // URL to a PNG of the slate
  "slateUrl": "https://app.slatebox.com/canvas/XXX" // URL to the editable slate