# Association Methods

Programatically control associations with the below methods.

# relationships.addAssociation

Set an image to the background of the node
    child: otherNode,
    lineColor: '#000',
    lineOpacity: 1,
    lineEffect: 'outline',
    lineWidth: 10,
    isStraightLine: false,
    showParentArrow: true,
    showChildArrow: false
Name Type Description
child object The child node to connect to
lineColor string The hex color of the connecting line
lineOpacity integer The opacity percentage of the connecting line (0.0 - 1.0)
lineEffect string The line effect to apply (postItNote, dropShadow, outlined, tattered, posterize, pencil)
lineWidth integer The width in px of the connecting line
isStraightLine boolean Set to true to make the line straight, defaults to bezier curve
showParentArrow boolean Show the arrowhead on the parent side
showChildArrow boolean Show the arrowhead on the child side